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20/4/13 1:05 PM

Supposed to be with my Life Drawing group but a bush fire is threatening to burn our house - so I'm at home watching the situation. All is calm outside. Hope it stays that way while I test this blog system and sort out a few other IT issues.

Acrylic on particle board

"Angst" circa 1980

Acrylic on particle board - 120cm x 90cm

"Angst" was inspired by a conversation I was having with a couple of artist friends. We were discussing Brett Whiteley - who's work I much admired at the time - but one of us (Bill) didn't particularly like Whiteley's work and complained, "It doesn't have enough angst"! I went away thinking about this; wondering exactly what Bill meant. In the end I decided, the only way to ensure enough angst in a painting would be to paint a picture that was entirely about, and absolutely full of Angst.

Bill never did comment on my comment - but I rather like it still.

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