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28/3/20 11:30 AM

A glitch - caused by my hosting service changing something - has kept this website offline for a couple of weeks or so. I'm now testing it to see that it still functions as it should.

"What strange times we live in". Everyone is thinking that - but in reality, humanity has experienced these plagues many times before - with all the same fears, doubts and with less understanding than we need to feel sanguine in regard to what we are doing. All we can do though, is stay alert, practice the best hygiene possible and try to avoid contact with suspicious surfaces and people. 

So far this year, I've spent very little productive time in the studio and the gallery has been closed since Xmas. I normally close over Xmas and reopen in February - but a virus (not Covid-19 fortunately) stuffed up February for me - and now a whole bunch of other issues (including Covid-19 restrictions) are preventing me re-opening the gallery. We can however, continue to show selected individual works from the portfolios to anyone who makes an appointment to see  something specific!

So, check out my Portfolio pages, make a selection you'd like to see and then make an appointment to see them!

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